Retro Chop

Our latest creation! The retro chop cabinet makes the live Hammond experience a breeze!!! For more details see our chop page under in the new stuff area!

Rhodes Electric Pianos

A collection of some Rhodes restorations, and photos of what we do here to make Rhodes pianos shine again!

1971 Fender Rhodes Stage Piano Restoration

Golden era Fender Rhodes semi-restoration. Original Tolex! Voicing, tuning, action and general tweaking and fixes were done, as you can see the end result is quite nice!

1978 DSO Rhodes Restoration

Rob Barocco (Dark Star Orchestra) brought us his 1978 Fender rhodes for restoration. This specific piano was used by Bret Mydland of the Grateful dead, was pretty cool to have a piece of Dead history in the shop!. The piano has the infamous "Dyno-my-piano" mods done to the action & preamp. We've restored the dyno preamp and also added a mod which switches between the dyno mode and the stock rhodes volume/bass boost controls so Rob has the best of both worlds in 1 instruments.

Rhodes Restoration Processing

Here's some photo's showing how we restore Rhodes pianos. The process is quite envolved from dis-assembly, to cleaning, new parts, electronic restorations, installation of new parts, hardware where necessary.

Rhodes Suitcase Piano

Donald Fagen's "Lucy" 88 Key Suitcase (BEFORE)

Donald Fagen's 88 key suitcase piano named "Lucy" prior to restoration.

Hammond & Leslie

Dark Star Orchestra B3 & Leslie

DSO Hammond B3 & Leslie 145 restoration.

DSO - B3 & 145 Before

DSO - B3 & 145 After

1958 Hammond B3

Hammond RT3

The Hammond restoration process

Some assorted photos showing the many processes required to restore a Hammond organ.

Analog Synths

Wurlitzer 200 Series

Yamaha CP-70 (midi)

Moog Modular

MiniMoog Model D

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