1978 Rhodes Stage Piano Project

Our Latest project! 1978 Rhodes stage piano. We did a total rework on all internal parts. Installation of new pedestal felts, moving the felts from the hammer cam to the key pedestal giving it a better action.  new grommets on the harp, Complete tuning & voicing and last but not least a hammer adjustment. Visually the piano has new handles, chrome corners installed, tweaked the leg system for extra stability. All of the tolex surfaces and lid have been cleaned and shined up nicely. Overall our customer was very pleased and with an ear to ear smile he said "I could play this all day" ! A great amount of work goes into the proper restoration of these instruments but the payoff is having that vintage sound & great feel without any of the typical vintage problems. Check out the video below, Tim explains a bit more in-depth about the restoration, demo's the unit then the customer demo's at the end. For more information on restorations and tune-ups visit our Rhodes service page under the service area on the site.

If you have any interest in owning a Rhodes like this for your studio or personal use please contact us! We have a nice selection of ready to restore Vintage Wurlitzer &  Rhodes Stage & Suitcase pianos.


78_rhodes _resto

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