A bit of pep for your Wurlitzer 140B

Here's our drop solution for those old pesky germanium and tube Wurlitzer amps.
Yes you've read that correctly - those old Wurlitzer amps found in the 140A & B, 145A&B are quite noisy, even with a full rebuild they produce hiss and lack the basic necessities to make them valid for live performances or studio use.

Our 140X amplifier replaces all of the internal electronics on Wurlitzer 140B, 140A, 145A,145B models. 
We're in process on an early generation chassis for 112 and 120's too! Stay tuned!

• Rear accessible speaker kill switch
• 1/4" line out
• Standard IEC type power jack
• Quick access fuse.
• New wiring harness with high quality CTS Volume and vibrato potentiometers
• Black or Creme' bottle-cap style knobs
• LED power indicator
• Mogami pickup cable

Varivib variable speed vibrato optional

Complete kit: $649.00
With variable speed vibrato $749.00
To place an order please contact orders@retrolinear.com

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