Dark Star Orchestra: ROUND 2

Last summer RetroLinear restored a very special Rhodes piano for Rob Barraco of Dark Star Orchestra and Rob was so thrilled with our work he sent us his Yamaha CP-70 for midi installation and an overhaul. In addition to the CP-70 we also received the Rhodes again to add some special modifications.

It was quite a challenge to install the midi package on the CP-70 due to tight tolerances inside the instrument. The process of installation required modifying certain keys and adding numerous brackets to hold sensors beneath the keys and of course midi hardware, wires etc. Before the midi installation process this CP-70 was disassembled, cleaned and the action was serviced and setup properly followed up by a stretch tuning. We fabricated a custom plate that mounted the midi jack and usb interface for the PNOscan midi system. It was quite an undertaking to modify this but with the addition of midi this makes a CP-70 quite a versatile instrument. In this specific case Rob wanted the feel of an acoustic instrument and the ability to run midi patches, the PNOscan enables the player to blend natural CP-70 sound with midi sound or just use the CP-70 as a midi controller!

Rob's Rhodes returned for a small modification. You might recall that this Rhodes was owned by Brent Mydland of the Grateful Dead and it has the "Dyno-my-piano" preamp installed for that early 80's crystal like Rhodes tone. We installed a switch which toggles off the Dyno preamp and switch you back to the tried and true Rhodes Volume and Bass boost controls, it's not just a switch either, if for whatever reason the Dyno loses power the circuit is setup to switch back to the stock Rhodes mode. The stock-mod was quite a nice addition to this Rhodes as the Dyno Voicing adds a great deal of treble, scoops out the mids and in stock dyno form there was no way really to shut it off the dyno to get that classic Rhodes sound, well now there is!

Here are some pictures of the modifications and CP70 midi installation.
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Mini-Toggle on the endblock switches from stock Rhodes controls to Dyno controls!
2 completely difference voicings in 1 instrument.



Yamaha CP-70 Midi Installation Photos


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