Hammond RT-3 Project Part 1

We have here a 1960's Hammond RT-3 Organ in for a functional restoration. At the moment the organ is a total mess, there are dead notes, faulty mechanical issues and overall this RT-3 is in pretty bad shape. You can hear that there are tones missing and even its idle running sound is pretty bad. Stay tuned as we do our small series of videos showing the progress of our work on this RT-3.

Part 1 of the RT3 Restoration

It has begun! The RT-3 has been disassembled and we've started our restoration process.
The pics below show the guys working on draw bar restoration and other various tasks needed
to bring this RT-3 back to life!

Rts -1

Rts -2

Rts -3

Rts -5

Rts -4


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