Sparkle Top Rhodes

Now offering Sparkle top lids for Rhodes pianos! These original lids go through an extensive transformation process delivering an unmatched level of quality. Each lid is filled and leveled smooth then primed and sprayed with multiple passes of color and clear coats! Choose from hundreds of combinations of Vivid House of Kolor candy colors and flakes with holographic color morphing effects that shimmer like no other!
For additional details please email  (old lids are required as donor)

1976 Suitcase (Amber Flame Mist)

1973 Fender Rhodes Suitcase (Charcoal Metallic Frost) - Silver Tolex w/ black grill.
Charcoal _frost

'73 Fender Rhodes Suitcase (Sherwood Green)  Blonde Tolex, black grill

Ireland _1

'72 Fender Stage Piano - 88 Key  (Royal Burple)


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