Vintage perfection defined, '71 Fender Rhodes Stage Piano

This 1971 Rhodes arrived at our shop about 4 weeks ago for restoration. To our surprise the owner of this piano is a very talented 12 year old student and he's into vintage keys! Keefer bought this Rhodes from Guitar Center and it was in great shape cosmetically but the sound and feel weren't there. The action was riddled with off level sticky keys, a gummy feeling keybed and the tuning and voicing was quite off kilter. Playing this instrument prior to restoration was a chore! It was the perfect candidate for a complete overhaul and a mild restoration.

We started with our robust regulation process. During disassembly we discovered cracks in the key bed, several bad hammer tips, the strike line was off, bad tines, dirty pots, failed wiring amongst many other problems. It was quite a task to bring it back, but it's back and the end result was outstanding. This Rhodes defines what a Vintage 1971 Rhodes should feel, sound & look like. Simply perfect in every way.

We hope Keefer enjoys it for many years to come.

Pics of the completed instrument.


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