What you should know about Key Bushings!

There has been a seemingly endless run of bushing jobs here at RetroLinear! Nearly every Wurlitzer or Rhodes in for service lately has required a complete reworking including key bushings! Many customers ask for an explanation on bushings and their importance. Figured we would share some "tech wisdom" with the world!

A smooth responsive action begins with crisp key bushings amongst other things. Shot or worn-out bushings cause excess wear inside the bushing mortise. Once the wood is worn- there is virtually nothing that can be done within reason to restore dimensional tolerance to the bushing mortise. Replacement keys are an option but an expensive one. 

Excess wear?   Tattered felt bushings permit left / right wiggle which allows keys to rub and in extreme cases where the felt is completely worn out or missing these pianos can develop key pedestal to hammer alignment issues - what a headache!


Since you are here reading our article we'll toot our horn for a moment to say our in-house bushing process has been refined to near perfection. Our new bushings function and look better than factory.  Each piano is dialed in for the "right" feel under your hands.

Enough with that!

Do your Wurlitzer or Rhodes keys wiggle and clank? If so then it's time!
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