Wurlitzer 200a Project

Folks, nothing beats the real thing, and this 200a is a reminder of that! A restored Wurlitzer 200a puts out a warm and full soundstage that sends you back to the good old days of pre-digital analog bliss. This Wurly 200a came into the shop in pretty bad shape. Internally it was all original and it was a total basket case.

"It was a total mess" -Tim Warneck.

After a complete overhaul on the internal mechanisms, felts etc. We installed our Warneck Research 200a amplifier board and VariVib electronics package. The 200a was then tuned and the action was fully regulated. The end result is a dead quiet wurli 200a with a smooth action and of course our Variable vibrato upgrade.  This particular Wurlitzer was not slated to have a full cosmetic restoration, but we did put it through our full process of cleaning, polishing and finishing that brought it back to a Nice shiny and respectable instrument. The video below sums it all up!  Thanks for stopping by!

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