You go back Jack and do it again.

The Story of "Grace" Donald Fagen's Rhodes piano

Grace came in for restoration just before the 2011 Steely Dan tour. This piano was such a mess!  Grace was a disgrace. From the tuning to the action to the electronics it was all wrong. Literally every aspect of what made this Rhodes a Rhodes was incorrect. Random pieces of felt in the action, each key had so much excess felt & spacers added that it wouldn't play properly. Solder joints held by a single strand of wire, various loose screws, nuts, bolts, capacitors floating in mid air mounted off their leads. Clumps of wire here, there, everywhere- Grace was a nightmare!

We started with a complete takedown. Each key had all the excess felts and glue removed. New felts were added. After each key was put back to factory spec, the hammer tips were replaced. The amp and pre-amp required rebuilding. The caps, resistors and other various parts were replaced and the electromechanical parts were cleaned or replaced. After the mechanics & electronics were ready to "do it" again we started the re-voicing, tuning & general tweaking processes on Grace. Repairing this damage was nothing short of a monumental achievement. Grace was returned to Mr.Fagen during the 2011 Steely Dan tour, The verdict from Mr.Fagen himself "TERRIFIC!" and the rest is history!

It was an absolute honor to work on Grace and we would like to thank Steely Dan for the oppurtunity!!!

Before pictures of Grace.

excess spacers prohibiting full key travel


Random sticky felts on the action...



Grace was emitting a horrible rattling/buzzing sound while being played, the culprit was sourced to various loose nuts,washers inside.


Grace progress & after shots.
Felt & glue removal.


Proper thickness spacer installation! Full key travel - check, good, level & fast action, check - good.


New felts glued on straight & square, precision is key!


A level playing field. Regulated!



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