Please call 215-699-8000 or email to discuss your repair or restoration in more detail.

Condition of vintage instruments varies. When you bring your instrument to us for restoration, it may not need every service described here. We will review the condition of your instrument with you and provide a detailed list of the services we recommend and an estimate of the price.

Tune Up - Piano

Just as acoustic pianos require regular tunings, from time to time electric pianos need maintenance as well. With sustained playing, tuning and revoicing will be needed to keep the piano sounding its best. The Tune Up service is available for Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos. It includes tuning, voicing, minor action adjustments, and a complete check up of your piano. A Tune Up is recommended every 6 to 12 months for instruments that are played regularly.

Tune Up - Leslie

Keep your Leslie speaker in top working condition with appropriate maintenance. We will inspect and adjust belts, oil motors, and check that tubes and amplifier are operating properly. The Leslie Tune Up is only available for Leslie speakers that have previously been restored by us.


If something is broken, we fix it! Blown caps, stuck keys, unwanted buzzing - a Repair is the diagnosis and resolution of specific problems with your instrument or amp. There is a bench fee (PLEASE CALL) that covers up to the first hour of service. This fee will be waived when estimating work needed for a more involved service.

Retrolinear is currently an authorized repair center for Hammond, Leslie, and Gallien-Krueger.


A complete overhaul of the instrument, our Restoration service returns the electronics to factory-new condition, and cleans, lubricates, or replaces mechanical parts as needed. Cosmetic improvements can be made as well, with re-Tolexing service available for Rhodes pianos or amps, and the expert services of our wood refinishers for wood cabinets. We can also customize your instrument with an upgraded action or electronics. Just let us know what you would like, and we will make it happen!


Looking for something extra from your effects pedal? We do pedal customizations -- true bypass, component upgrades, or any kind of tweaks to make it sound just the way you want.


Custom electronics design or consulting for specific applications is also available. Leverage our 15 years of experience designing manufacturable and repeatable products for the medical, automotive, and music industry.

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