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Analog Synth Restoration

RetroLinear specializes in the service & restoration of:

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We service all Monophonic, Polyphonic or Paraphonic synthesizers and drum machines!

The only limitation can be the availability of scarce parts which have long been out of production.

Our repair methodology is to perform thorough, precise and accurate service work to your vintage instruments. At Retrolinear proper execution of service is paramount! We do not cut corners or "band-aid" anything.

We find the root cause and resolve each issue,  ensuring a proper repair!

Vintage synthesizers require a certain amount of attention to properly repair. Each instrument is analyzed for electrical & mechanical faults. After the assessment the instrument will be fully disassembled, cleaned and regulated, then tested for proper operation. After the repair process, the work is double checked and we fine tune the instrument.  

We also offer custom modifications for most vintage & modern synthesizers such as external controls, line out, midi, processor upgrades, customized modules etc! Contact info@retrolinear.com for details!






 A fully restored Model D with our Oscillator Sync Mod! Video above.

MiniMoog Model D



Analog Synths


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