Hammond & Leslie Restoration

Complete Service & Restoration for Hammond Organs & Leslies

Hammond Organ Restoration

· Electronics rebuilt to factory specifications, performance tested
· Replacement of AC wiring inside console
· Optional Trek II Product upgrades (percussion, effects loop, reverb, string bass)
· Installation of Leslie Interface Kits, Leslie Outlets, Halfmoon switches, etc.
· Tonewheel generator maintenance
· Vibrato scanner rebuilding
· Vibrato linebox rebuilding
· Manuals removed and keys cleaned
· Drawbars, busbars and contacts cleaned
· Wood Finish restoration

Take a listen to this A-100 we restored, it finished really well, it speaks for itself!

Another A-100 Wax Cap organ we restored back to Life.

Leslie Speaker Restoration
· Amplifier electronics rebuilt, tubes tested and/or replaced
· Amplifier conversions (122 to 147, 147 to 122, etc.)
· Trek II / EIS Solid State Relay installation
· Replacement of horn drivers and woofers
· Cable/plug modifications made if needed
· Motor stacks completely rebuilt
· Replacement of motor bearings
· Replacement of belts if needed
· Cabinet buzzes/rattles resolved
· Back covers replaced if needed
· Wood finish restored

Hammond & Leslie

Dark Star Orchestra B3 & Leslie

DSO Hammond B3 & Leslie 145 restoration.

DSO - B3 & 145 Before

DSO - B3 & 145 After

1958 Hammond B3

Hammond RT3

The Hammond restoration process

Some assorted photos showing the many processes required to restore a Hammond organ.

1968 B-3 Restoration

Custom Road B3 & Leslie


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