Hear the Difference

The listening room

Our Rhodes setup and voicing delivers consistent play and dynamic response. In other words play lightly for a soft tone or dig in and go for the aggressive bark with even responsive voicing note to note!  This is where the line is drawn between musical instruments and just plain old instruments.  To maintain consistent quality RetroLinear produces our own line of replacement parts which emulate the original parts without altering any tonal characteristics.

Do some comparative listening for consistency in voicing, tonality and setup.
Observe how the players interact with their instrument. Are they fighting the instrument? Is the Rhodes producing good sound?
Turn up the volume and take a listen!

1973 Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 Key. Demo with Erik James

1973 Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 Key.   Steely Dan /  Donald Fagen's Piano Lucy - one of 3  88 Key pianos for live use.
We actively service and maintain all of Steely Dan's Rhodes. Demo with Scott Coulter

Late 1970s MK.II Stage piano. Demo with Tim Warneck

1973 Fender Rhodes Stage 88 with "Dyno my piano" Preamp - Demo with Tim Warneck

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