Our Process

Action and Sound
Our restoration processes involve complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, polishing of surfaces, replacing damaged or perished components. Each tine and pickup is evaluated for tone, sustain and function. Damaged components are replaced with correct parts which are either new production or vintage OEM parts from donor instruments. After the mechanical restoration is complete your Rhodes is run through our setup process and finalized.

Some considerations for folks shopping restorations. The sum of a good Rhodes isn't about replacing every component and screwing in cheaply made parts from who knows where or tuning the piano with a cell phone!  Many shops simply miss the mark on finite details which surface in the finalized instrument.  An experienced technician executing a proper setup makes for the best instrument! Having good parts helps too! "Doing it right" is our craft here at RetroLinear.

Suitcase & Super Satellite Electronics
Our electronics technicians have over 60 combined years of service experience.  Being thorough and methodical is paramount - no stones are left unturned- no corners are cut.  Generally with Peterson, Janus and Super Satellite electronics we'll fully restore these systems front to back. This entails recapping, replacing obsolete noisy transistors, faulty resistors which have drifted out of spec.  We've developed our own proprietary circuit upgrades to lower noise floor, reduce hum, eliminate vibrato thumping -  effectively streamlining these old-school designs with a modern approach but without altering their tonal identity!

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