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RetroLinear is your one stop shop for Wurlitzer Electric Piano restorations. Our restoration process produces amazing results time and time again! Below is a basic outline of our process.   Each instrument is unique, some damaged more than others thus each instrument requires a tailored level of restoration. For more details call us today 215-699-8000

Disassembly: A complete takedown and assessment is conducted on your instrument. Each part is evaluated and if bad that part is slated for replacement. A unique manifest / work order is generated for what needs to replaced, cleaned and re-worked on your instrument.

Feel and Action: Proper configuration brings the instrument back and better than before. New felts, adjustments & thorough cleaning yields a leveled fast keyboard with an even feel. At this point the key surfaces are polished to remove scratches and restore shine.

Tuning & Voicing: Wurlitzer piano's are finicky! A great deal of fine adjustment is required to make each note sound even in attack, sustain and volume level. Voicing makes or breaks it. We tune the reeds where necessary. It's a painstakingly long process but worth the time and results.

Electronic Modifications & Service: The original Wurlitzer electronics tend to be noisy. With age these components drift out of spec leading to more noise. Eventually these drifted and old components fail leaving you stuck with a dead instrument... The Warneck amp boards are not just a reproduction! They have been redesigned to retain the same tonal characteristics but without problems. It's a simple task to replicate the original but why carry old problems into the future? Through design users can enjoy a reduced noise floor and improved signal to noise ratio. In the end you have a Wurlitzer keyboard you can run at max volume with virtually no quiescent (operating) noise. We also flush, clean and lubricate the potentiometers bringing them back to life. For safety reasons a proper IEC power connector with ground is installed. We finish the electronic stage off by dressing the wires nicely.

Optional VariVibe Variable Speed Vibrato: Expand the expressive range of your Wurlitzer piano with a variable speed vibrato- easily adjusted with the addition of a 3rd knob. Designed to work with our EP200 amplifier board as well as with the stock Wurlitzer 200A or 140B amplifier. Our VariVib variable speed vibrato features reproduction of the original style vibrato waveform, linear variable speed control (approximately 1Hz to 15Hz) and Included with the VariVib installation is a new mirror-finish faceplate, and knob.

Finishing touches: cleaning, polishing and bringing back the luster of the original cosmetic parts. The end result is a Original looking instrument with some new technology under the hood, plays great, sounds great & has that original look.


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