Dave Smith Instruments

Dave Smith founded Sequential Circuits, the premier manufacturer of professional music synthesizers, in the mid-70s. In 1977, he designed the Prophet-5, the world's first microprocessor-based musical instrument. This revolutionary product was the world's first polyphonic and programmable synth, and set the standard for all synth designs that have followed. The Prophet instruments played a major part in the recordings of all popular music styles, and are still prized by musicians today.

Products We Carry

Monophonic desktop analog synthesizer module

Mopho Keyboard Synthesizer
Monophonic analog synthesizer

Polyphonic desktop analog synthesizer module

Prophet '08 PE Keyboard Synthesizer
Potentiometer Edition of the Prophet '08 Keyboard

Prophet '08 PE Synthesizer Module
Eight-voice analog synthesizer module

Monophonic desktop analog/digital synthesizer module

Mono Evolver PE Keyboard
Monophonic analog/digital synthesizer

Poly Evolver PE Keyboard
Four-voice analog/digital synthesizer

Analog drum machine

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