Nord Synthesizers


Nord Drum $499.00

 Nord _drum -1
Nord's Nord Drum is a 4-channel drum synthesizer with a vast sonic palette and high level of playability. Create classic retro-futuristic percussion with analog waveforms or use the harmonically complex waveforms together with different colors of noise for results that both sound and respond stunningly organic.

Nord Wave $2399.00

 Nord _wave
Clavia has taken their knowledge and expertise from 15 years of creating virtual analog synthesizers to the next level with the creation of the Nord Wave. This 49-key synthesizer uses dual oscillators for virtual analog FM synthesis and wavetable engine sound variety. Download additional wave files from Clavia's website and add them easily with the USB port. Effects can be added to any sound including chorus reverb delay or even tube-style overdrive for dynamic effects without having to use outboard gear. If you need to switch between different sounds or layer two sounds simultaneously the Slot Function can create seamless transitions or massive sound palettes.

Clavia has integrated the sounds of the Mellotron the tape-based electromechanical keyboard that changed the face of modern music within the Nord Wave with 68 different tapes from the Mk I Mk II M300 and M400. Nord Wave users will be able to download the rest of the library for free via DVD or download. Clavia sampled new sounds using fresh tape copies in a newly manufactured Mellotron using vintage components for faithful reproductions without the hiss and fizz of the original instrument. NW49 Nord Wave 49-Key Analog FM Wavetable Synth Feature Highlights: Nord Wave 49-Key Analog FM Wavetable Synth, 18 Stereo Voices, Dual Oscillators, Mellotron Sounds, USB Port
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Nord Lead 2X $1499.00

 Nord _lead 2x
The original Nord Lead and Nord Lead 2 are among the most popular synthesizers ever built. By developing the Nord Lead 2X, Nord has improved the concept and upgraded the hardware to make it possible for the Virtual Analog sound to live on for many more years to come! The Nord Lead 2X comes with 20 voices polyphony, a generous memory section that has been expanded to hold 4 x 99 user Programs, 100 user Performances and 4 x 10 user Percussion Kits plus 6 x 99 factory Programs and 3 x 100 factory Performances! The awesome sound in the Nord Lead 2X is refined even further thanks to the brand new, crystal clear 24-bit DACs running at 96kHz. SPECIFICATIONS Polyphony 20 voices. 4 part multi-timbral. Special features Velocity programming: Each function that is controlled by a knob, can be programmed to be controlled by velocity. Morphing: Each function that is controlled by a knob can also be controlled by the modulation wheel/pedal to continuously fade between two sets of values

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