The ideal solution for live organists! We all adore that classic Hammond sound but without a large van and 2 or 3 friends to help lug it around -gigging with a Hammond can be a somewhat difficult task!.  You know the grind, move the organ, get the Leslie, get the ramps, dollies, covers, the whole 9 yards just got shorter! Our new Retro Chop cabinet makes having that live Hammond sound but 100+ lbs lighter and delivers a smorgasbord of features.

Our cabinet sets up & breaks down easily! The legs slide into the base and they retain that classic Hammond look with added rock solid stability. Each cabinet is manufactured right here in Pennsylvania.  Customize your chop- pick from a wide variety of colors or go natural. Our stock production cabinet is a satin black. 

A donor organ is needed for your build, typically an A-100, RT3, are ideal donors. In the case of this example we used a 1960's A-100 to complete the chop. This particular organ is jam packed with a wide variety of options making it one of the most versatile live Hammond platforms available.  The electronics package features a full spread of Trek II products including SSP3A solid state preamp with reverb, external volume expression,  Leslie fast/slow footswitch,  effects loop, direct line out, neo instruments ventilator interface, sub-bass line out. For ease of setup we've mounted all the connectivity on the bottom of the organ and upgraded all the connections to locking Amphenol for the Leslie and Neutrik power con plugs for power.  The connectivity is secure and ready for the road.

Last but not least our chop organs receive a full restoration. Ready for another 50 years of playing!

Chop case Dimensions:
29" Deep x  49" Wide x  15" Tall
Rough weight: 275LBS (weight varies per installed options)

For more details on our Chop please call!! 215-699-8000

Retro Chop

Our latest creation! The retro chop cabinet makes the live Hammond experience a breeze!!! For more details see our chop page under in the new stuff area!

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