Rhodes ISO Grommets

Rhodes Isolation Grommets
ISO Grommet kits are instock (bulk grommets available!!!!!)
Replacement kits (Grommets, Screws & Washers)
32 Key set $20.48
54 Key set $34.56
73 Key set $47.20
88 Key set $52.80


These reproduction Rhodes Isolation Grommets match the shape and composition of the original Rhodes grommets. The superior fit and proper viscoelastic response of these grommets permits accurate voicing adjustments in a way substitutes cannot. Replace aged, hardened, split, or deformed grommets on your Rhodes and hear the difference. Unlike other replacement grommets on the market our grommets don't dry out, crack, split, cave in or split thus ensuring long term stability in the voicing of your Rhodes piano! Our screws are the correct diameter, taper & length allowing for superior fitment and a hassle free installation.

DEALER & Bulk pricing is available! Please contact us for more details.

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