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Hammond C-3 Organ Package


1964 Hammond C-3 / Leslie Package ready to go!
This organ & Leslie has received our complete rebuild & restoration process. Our focus & attention to detail insures years of dependable operation and enjoyment. This organ has been painstakingly disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt, reassembled & calibrated to perfection.  Each assembly from the manuals, to the preamp, motors, vibrato line box, vibrato scanner, switches, drawbars, contacts, foot pedals, bus bars, key combs has been fully rebuilt. Sure our competitors offer similar instruments. We frequently see "similar" instruments for sale and  we will say only this-  "You get what you pay for". At RetroLinear 40 to 60 man hours are spent making each Hammond & Leslie 100% operational. Going through all the steps is quite a process but its the only way! If you seek a 100% proper instrument look no further!

We stand behind our work 100% and back it with a 1 year no questions asked warranty.
If you have any questions please contact us!

Package includes:
Hammond C-3 Organ features Trek II CPR-28 preamp restoration, complete electro-mechanical restoration.
Mild cosmetic furniture restoration (polished and filled, original finish maintained) Overall condition is a solid 7/10.

Leslie 122 with fully rebuild amplifier, Matched ARS power tubes. Trek II EIS relay for seamless fast/slow/stop switching.New eminence woofer & Atlas hi-freq driver, rebuilt motors, new bearings, new skirt, mild cosmetic furniture restoration(polished and filled, original finish maintained) Overall condition is a solid 7/10.

Footpedals, Bench and leslie cable included.



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