EP200 & 200A Amplifiers are in-stock! (1/12/22)

For over a decade professionals around the world have chosen Warneck Research Wurlitzer amplifiers and VariVib's for their rock solid performance and superlative sonic identity.   Some of the artists using Warneck boards; Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo, Phish, Chuck Leavell, Lenny Kravitz, Benmont Tench, Adam MacDougall (Black Crowes), Chris Kilmore (Incubus), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Little Steven & the desciples of soul, Norah Jones, just to name a few!

Our amp faithfully maintains the soul and voice of an original Wurlitzer amplifier minus the fuss!
The Vibrato shape and sound is identical and installation is easy- about a half hour of time, some basic hand tools and a cold beverage of choice gets the job done!  We also offer complete technical support for all of our products!

Beware imitations! - Warneck Research amps utilize a modernized power supply driving a robust amplifier that operates with an extremely low noise floor- so no more hiss, buzz, hum or radio interference (RF) noise.  All RetroLinear products are run through a comprehensive testing and quality control process - producing top quality product is our mission.


Both the EP200 and EP200A have selectable output modes
• Variable line out controlled via the main volume control.
• Fixed line-output at full output

A usable 1/4" line-output
• Sufficient output gain to drive any effects units , tube amps or powered speakers
• Record direct - no noise, no fuss

Kick it up a notch with a "VariVib" Variable speed vibrato- our signature 3 knob mod!  The VarVib maintains an exact reproduction of the original style vibrato but adds a 3rd knob for rate control (rate approximately 1Hz to 15Hz). Simple 3-wire installation, includes a new faceplate and jewel as well. The VariVib has provisions for an onboard selectable LED light which can function as an on/off or vibrato rate indicator. The rate mode stops pulsing when you've dialed in the stock factory rate!

EP-200 kit $425.00 USD:
• Amplifier board
• High quality form fit 3 Piece Aluminum Reed bar shields
• Small zip ties
• Detailed installation instructions with wiring diagram.

EP-200A kit $425.00 USD:

• Amplifer board
• Mogami rca to rca pickup cable and pickup board
• Small zip ties, hole plug
• Grounding cable
• Detailed installation instructions with wiring diagram.

Optional  "Varivib" Variable speed vibratro:
Includes: VariVib board, knob , new Brushed anodized aluminum 3 hole faceplate & amber jewel pilot light
Price $199 ( discounted to $160 with amplifier purchase)

Our other accessory parts like volume and vibrato pots, shielding kits, output boards are nicely discounted with amp purchase!

If you are unsure which model you have we'll gladly assist you in selecting the correct amplifier.
please email info@retrolinear.com

To place an order please email orders@retrolinear.com

NEW! EP-140X amplifier replaces all of the internal electronics on Wurlitzer 140B, 140A, 145A,145B models. 
We're in process on an early generation chassis for 112 and 120's too! Stay tuned!

Optical Vibrato (Variable speed vibrato "VariVib" optional)
• Rear accessible speaker kill switch
• 1/4" line out
• Standard IEC type power jack
• Rear access fuse.
• Wiring harness assembled with high quality CTS potentiometers, high quality wire
• Black or Creme' bottle-cap style knobs
• LED power indicator (Amber, Red, Green, Blue or white)
• Mogami RCA reed-bar pickup cable

Complete kit: $689.00
With variable speed vibrato $789.00

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